WBAI — A Pivotal Time

WBAI-FM Radio is at yet another pivotal time in its history – now is the time to make your voice heard!

As a rare independent media outlet in New York City, with its 50,000 effective watt signal that emanates from atop the Empire State Building, WBAI takes no corporate money for programming and is funded by listener support. The station has a unique governance structure of listener oversight. The “Independent” delegates whom you voted for on the Local Station Board have made major gains despite an often tumultuous atmosphere. The station is now heading in the right direction, but we still need your support and involvement to ensure that additional work succeeds in saving the station … and the Pacifica Network.

Here’s the raw audio of a  fascinating discussion between Felipe Luciano and Bobby Seale, Chair of the Black Panther Party, that aired on WakeUp Call on Friday July 8, 2011.

Photo at top:  Peter Kurdulija

2 Responses to “WBAI — A Pivotal Time”
  1. I think the “Click Here” is missing a link. Would love to hear this. How can I get to it? — Mildred

  2. susan cobb says:

    Dear WBAI
    I would like to know when you will air the crime perperated by law inforcement as well as the government on innocent citiizens of this country. This crime is Gang Stalking . I have been stalked every day for the past 12 yrs. I has only increase since the death of my father. Will you please air this on one of your shows. Its important that this is exposed. I have had my car vandalized, clothing, food tampered with and more. Whats next on their agenda. Please help those who have little resouces to expose this crime that has ruined thier life.

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