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Recovery Plan

I. The Problem.

We have been told that WBAI is in a financial crisis. But it is not. A financial crisis requires – not only that there be a shortage of money – but that there also be no way of obtaining more. This is not the case with WBAI.

On the contrary. There is plenty of money available to WBAI, if we look in the right places. And if we do so before WBAI passes the point of no return – which is very close.

Fortunately, the recommendations in this Plan can be implemented quickly. Even better, they require no cash outlays or the hiring of additional staff. Nor are theyradical,” or even new. They involve commonplace techniques and procedures known and used by most fundraising organizations in America. Except, as the record shows, by Pacifica.

Many of these recommendations could have been implemented at WBAI as early as 1999, when they were first presented to management. They might have slowed or even prevented entirely the station’s subsequent financial meltdown. But management declined to act, and therefore bears a large share of the blame for where we are now.

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